Redeye Jack

Redeye Jack - country

4:20 p.m. on East Stage-Power

In 2012, drummer Tom Cicero, guitar player Chuck Merkey and bass player Bryan Bundschuh were ready to form a new band after a five year run playing in DNR, a hard driving classic rock band working the Rochester club circuit. They had seen Brad Potter providing lead vocals for the local trio 2 Left Feet. When that band decided to call it quits, they reached out to Brad to see if he was interested in pooling their talents. Early “let’s work up a few songs and see what happens” resulted in the search for another guitarist that could fill out the sound. Mike Meyers stopped by for a few rehearsals and after some song choice tweaks, they found common ground and realized they were onto something good. The music would be a blend of Modern Country, Classic/Modern Rock and a handful of carefully chosen R&B hits. The final step was a name. Redeye Jack was nearly complete. After playing shows for the next two years, the band realized that in order to achieve a higher performance level, they needed a keyboard player as well as another singer to enhance vocal harmonies. They found pianist/singer Chris Prime to complete the sound they were looking for.

Redeye Jack’s goal is to provide an audience with songs that appeal to a wide range of tastes while taking great care in playing those songs as accurately as possible. With their mix of Modern Country, Classic Rock and R&B, Redeye Jack keeps an audience entertained and the dance floor moving.

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